Chicago’s Weasel Sims drops visuals for his track “4 5 6.” While the record is very Chicago street-oriented, the bigger picture behind his story is what will bring this artist to his success.

He states, “For the record, ‘4,5,6’ is not a diss record. There’s a whole story behind it. I’m a street, Hip Hop artist, so gang culture is almost expected and accepted with most street artists. All I’m saying is, people are who they are and that’s cool but I’m just a 4 corner Hustler period! Born and raised. I make reference to Hoover because (it’s the biggest, nationally accepted and respected gang from Chicago) even tho there are similarities, I’m cut from a totally different cloth. I’m clearing the record to let it be known that there are all types of things going on in the streets of Chicago, but I’m just a product of my side of town and my upbringing. I’m coming with that new age Bump J approach.”