Brian Imanuel might just be a scrawny, clean-cut teen from Jakarta, Indonesia, but his rapping alter-ego Rich Chigga is a viral sensation that has been shaking up the rap game ever since the release of his music video, “Dat $tick.” Everyone from rap legends like Ghostface Killah and Cam’ron to fast rising stars like Desiigner and Tory Lanez came together to chop it up about Rich Chigga’s image and flow. Check out their reactions here and watch the original music video here.

Rich Chigga, the 16-year-old drill rapper, has become a hot topic in rap music since earning over 6 million views from pouring Cognac, waving pistols, dabbing and teaching vape tricks on his YouTube channel. “Dat $tick,” Rich Chigga’s Hip Hop anthem, explains how the young rapper will “pull up with that stick and hit yo mother, f*ckin door,” while discussing the harsh realities of inner-city life in America, including poor relations with law enforcement, income inequality and drug abuse, despite Chigga never having stepped foot in the United States.

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