Allhiphop reports that Birdman confronted Turk during the “Respek” video shoot this week. In the video above, Birdman is definitely seen approaching the one-time Hot Boy. The tagging definitely tells a story, but without context it’s difficult to tell what’s really going on. Earlier this year though, during a conversation with Mikey T The Movie Star, Turk talked in detail about his need to speak with Birdman in person to clear the air after years of miscommunication. Here’s the full quote:

What God wants to happen, can’t no man stop it. This communication. Throughout the years, I ain’t have no communication with nobody. And throughout the years, I have said a whole lot of stuff up out my mouth that I shouldn’t have said. Because at the end of the day we all family. Now that I realized my mistakes of what I did—I had some shows lined up in Miami. And I didn’t know how it was gonna happen, but I had made it up in my mind that I’m about to go get up with Birdman. I’m about to go holla at Slim. I’m about to go holla at Wayne. I had made up in my mind that that’s what I was gonna do. We didn’t talk about that. But when I got there it just fell in place like that because it was meant to happen.

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Youtube user J. Williams said in the comment section that he was at the shoot and “no confrontation, family occasion, dude with his hand on Turk shoulder is Big Rufus, practically Turk uncle,” so there other perspectives. Share your reactions in the Community Section.