Let various media outlets and social media tell it, yesterday morning’s Breakfast Club interview with Birdman was entertainingly disastrous. The Cash Money general had a chance to speak his peace regarding issues with his “son” Lil Wayne, alleged money issues and much more. However, Baby cut the interview short before it began due to a lack of “respeck.” Normally silent in regards to the media, the last sit-down he did was with Angie Martinez on a yacht in Miami last year which became memeable in itself. As he’s set to promote both upcoming Ms. Gladys and Rich Gang 2, it makes sense for him to talk with the storied radio host seems to have built a trustworthy relationship with him. With that in mind, here are several revelations during Martinez’s interview with Birdman.

Birdman’s Relationship With Weezy Is “Kosher”

Many thought the relationship between Baby and Wayne would fall further apart last year, but the two did some mending after performing together at Drake’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami. Birdman and Wayne, as well as Juvenile, would later appear on Mannie Fresh’s “Hate” single. Interestingly enough, Cash Money’s former in-house producer says the Like Father, Like Son rappers still aren’t in the best place. Later in the interview, Birdman says that he frequently talks to Wayne and still records in a studio directly next to him.

Will Be In Upcoming Music Mogul Reality Show

The show will look into the individual lives of Birdman, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri and Dame Dash. Though Baby is the executive producer on the project, all four moguls will not directly interact with each other.

B.C.M. (Before Cash Money)

Birdman has never spoken much about life before the then historic $30 million dollar deal Cash Money made with Universal Music Group. However, he gave Martinez a glimpse into the life that made him the man he would become today. This includes his dealing with the death of his mother and father (who was a pimp) at a young age, living in a group home and even living in Canada for a three years. Baby even called the two-year prison stint during his senior year of high school akin to college where he learned about God.

He Calls Minister Louis Farrakhan A Mentor

Probably one of the more interesting relationships in Hip Hop, Birdman says that both talk frequently. He mentions not only Farrakhan blessed his house after visiting him twice but called him a genius.

Ms. Gladys Will Be His Last Album

Naming an album after a mother that he didn’t get to know very well due to death has to be one of the most sentimental ideas seen from Birdman. It’ll also serve as his last and final solo album. The videos and recording of the album were made in his hometown of New Orleans. Speaking of music, he’s also a fan of Uncle Murda & Maino‘s current mixtape.

Birdman Loves His Guns

Wayne serving time on weapons charges mainly happened due to ignorance of state gun laws. Birdman says he has to have a gun at all times. There’s a gun under his pillow, on his dresser, in his drawer and all over his house. Try him and he will kill you. He legally owns them as well.