Get ready for the comparisons to rain like spring in Seattle. Master P has officially ushered in No Limit’s new ear. Up first: The No Limit Boys.

Comprised of AceB47, Nano Lambo, JSlugg, BlaqNMild and MoeRoy, the Tank’s youngstars have released “Party Favors,” “Fenessen,” “Middle Finga” and “The Dealer,” which was premiered during HipHopDX’s weekly Music Meeting (Thursdays at 6pm EST on Facebook and Periscope). If you missed the stream, punch yourself in the face.

Yesterday (April 11), No Limit teased MoeRoy’s “To The Top I Go.” To paraphrase J. Cole, the track bounces like a gold digger when a broke hitta approaches. The snippet is sleek, clean and somehow engaging. The 23-year old Washington, D.C. native is dancing in a fairly lavish living room, moonwalking in red Timb boots, gripping a Tommy Gun. If he reminds you of a certain Atlanta rapper, you’re not the only one. Multiple viewers dropped the same comment while he was “doing the Zombie” here in #DXHQ. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a beginning thing. Over the past 5 years, few have been as ubiquitous as the-artist-who’s-name-rhymes-with-Shmuture. Who are any of us without our inspirations?

Master P describes MoeRoy as what happens when Mystikal-meets-Michael Jackson. “He’s not your ordinary Hip Hop artist, he is a real entertainer, he has energy like a Young Mystikal when he came to the Tank,” he tells DX exclusively. “MoeRoy’s trap style of music with his Michael Jackson street moves and confidence is shaking up the industry.”

Does the statement read like a self-serving press release? Possibly. But even while reminding so many of a specific One, MoeRoy has the potential to quickly stand separate. When’s the last time you saw The First Desiigner moonwalk, for example? The moniker “Trap Michael Jackson” fits. We witnessed it.