Aaron Cohen drops off his second single “Ain’t Shit” with an accompanying set of visuals off his new project entitled You Wouldn’t Know. 

Want to see Aaron live? He will be taking over the stage of the Smokers Club Tour this October for 3 shows in Ohio, opening for Method Man, Redman, B-Real & Berner.

Oct. 19 : Cleveland, OH

Oct. 21 : Cincinnati, OH

Oct. 24 : Columbus, OH

Want to know more about how Aaron’s feel about his new EP? Check out this Q&A below where he talks about You Wouldn’t Know.

This EP shows a lot of growth in your music and as a person, could you possibly describe that transformation?

Yeah I’ve just gotten more experienced as an artist. Gotten better at really expressing myself. I think as a person I just get fed up with people’s assumptions about me and my life. This project is designed to tell people “you wouldn’t know.” I can be a gloomy person, but always have some hope and I think you see that in this project.

What are the feedback on the EP so far and what is the one that really stood out?

The feedback has been real good. I think this is musically a notch above my previous work. People seem to really like “Ain’t Shit.” Guess they can relate to knowing people who ain’t shit.

You’re about to perform on the Smokers Club Tour, for three shows in Ohio, congratulations! What can we expect from that performance?

You can expect the craziest performance I’ve ever given. If you’re sharing a stage with red and meth, you have to bring it. Got a lot of new stuff to perform. It’s going to be a good time.