HipHopDX is hosting a voting contest between five artists to decide the final opening act for The LOX at The A3C Festival’s ( “The Circuit Showcase.” The October 9 showcase, to be held in Atlanta, will also feature the winners from the nine stops along this summer’s “The Circuit Tour.” We were down to our final two artists to vote on for A3C’s The Circuit competition — Mick Jenkins or Eric Biddines. Congratulations to our winner Eric Biddines! He will share a stage with the Lox at this year’s A3C Festival. Check out his latest video for “Message In A Bottle” to see what’s to come at A3C!

From Eric:

“I want to thank all of my fans who voted for me in this contest, I was up against some strong competition, mostly all talented MC’s from Chicago. Shout out to Chicago! Also shout out to HipHopDX and A3C and the Lox. Atlanta, here we go again! Planet Coffee Bean will be in the building for the Circuit Showcase on October 9th! See you then!”

Eric Biddines

The South Florida artist operates independently with his planetcoffeebean brand. He has released five albums, planetcoffeebean 2 dropped in 2013. Metaphors run deep with this emcee. This rapper with a strong Southern accent recently chopped it up with DX about his deeply symbolic video “Railroad Down/Unfinished.”