Mark “Tarboy” Williams teamed up with St. Louis rapper Zeus Jupiter to create “Light It Up,” a blend of Hip Hop and Rock. Williams, formerly with The Trackboyz, has produced for Nelly, J-Kwon, Eminem and D12. The Grammy-nominated producer welcomes Zeus Jupiter to his own label, Beast Entertainment.

The rapper used to go by the name “Ruka Puff,” but his style started to deviate from raw Hip Hop. Zeus Jupiter explains to Fox News that his new name comes from the power and versatility of his music. “I was just really inspired by the power of the Greek god Zeus. Obviously, the planet Jupiter is connected with Zeus and the way the planet changes colors, that’s how my music is. It just changes by the mood or whatever I’m feeling.” Williams says that the rapper’s new style matched perfectly with his own new direction. “It was basically like a time in my career that where I wanted to work with an artist that’s evolving into something more than just Hip Hop,” he says.

The video for “Light It Up” features V for Vendetta masks and a lot of fire.