About five months ago, Maya Angelou sat with Canadian television host George Stroumboulopoulos for an intimate interview where she shared personal stories of encounters, including one with Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur. The then-85-year-old writer recalled speaking with Shakur, who was both rambunctious and passionate, on the set of the 1993 film Poetic Justice.

“Let me speak to you,” Maya told ‘Pac. “When was the last time anyone told you how important you are? Did you know our people stood on auction blocks, were sold – bought and sold? Did you know, so you could stay alive today?” She continued telling her story, “And finally, he heard me and stopped talking and started to weep.”

Legend has it that Janet Jackson didn’t believe it.

Janet: Dr. Angelou! I don’t know believe you actually spoke to Tupac Shakur.

Maya Angelou: Darling, I don’t know six pack, four pack. I’ve never heard of him.

Maya giggled at the end of the clip. Her words broke down one of the most influential rappers of the 20th century.

Rest in peace Dr. Maya Angelou.