Finally the Queens native chef turned rapper, Action Bronson, has his own food show “Fuck That’s Delicious” which just previewed its first episode on, Vice’s new food site. In the debut episode, Bronson goes into detail about his travels overseas while performing on Eminem’s Rapture Tour, while taking us to a restaurant whose block once resided as the arena for a block party — featuring himself performing. With its host being candid, and pulling to win beard of the month (sorry Ross) “Fuck That’s Delicious” comes off as a show where the food is obtainable, to even those without far-fetched salaries. You can experience the food and places for yourselves (though a flight to South Africa will set you back a bit) while enjoying the candid banter of the host. Watch as Bronson discusses unpleasant boat adventures by New Zealand, his go to spot in Cape Town, and what he admits he’s addicted to.