“Miles is young but he’s a rare breed of emcee, I wouldn’t say he’s under my tutelage, in fact we actually learn a lot from each other, it is good for me to capture the perspective of a 21 year old emcee. He’s adamant about recording together, no email shit, and he’s enthusiastic about that gritty production we use in AOTP…he gets points for that (laughs)…but the interesting thing is that he also makes records that remind me of something they’d throw in rotation on Hot97…the kid is versatile…for this joint “Ruckus” we just got in the lab on Newbury St in Boston and traded-off bars. He got up with John Greene for the video and captured us beating down some fake emcees, something I pride myself on doing. Look for more from us together, but keep an eye on him…he can jump into any lane and keep up” – Esoteric