If you enjoy Outkast at all, then having one specific favorite song of theirs, and if you’ve been riding since day one with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, then having one favorite is damn near impossible. For super producer 9th Wonder, even picking just one track off the first album was difficult. “I have two favorite songs,” 9th Wonder says of Outkast’s debut album. “The first one was ‘Crumblin’ ‘Erb’ — which I’ve never smoked a day in my life — or ‘Ain’t No Thang.’ It wasn’t ‘Player’s Ball,’ although ‘Player’s Ball’ was a great intro,” 9th says. As 9th Wonder mentioned, he doesn’t smoke weed, but the allure of “Crumblin’ ‘Erb” was based upon the feeling of it.

“It was the melody,” he says, humming along to it as he discusses the track. “Outkast was one of the only groups that could capture the essence of Parliament-Funkadelic, and if you grew up listening to Parliament it’s embedded in your brain.” 9th’s brother first introduced him to the P Funk, but once it entered the Hip Hop realm with Outkast, it was game over. “To hear it in rap…man, ‘Crumblin’ ‘Erb’ was that. It was all that. It was just the feeling of it.”


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