The roll out for Young Money’s second compilation album, Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, continues to churn out content with the newly released “Senile” video. In the visual, Tyga and friends (by the names of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne) each hold their own zany scenes before uniting for the hook. But let’s look past the fluorescent lights and dancing masked avengers (also known as the Jabbawokees) and let’s take a moment to recognize the haunting beat providing David D.A. Doman. Though the inspiration behind “Senile” is simple, Doman continues to prove that his working relationship with Tyga results in singles.

HipHopDX: How did you become acquainted with YMCMB?
David D.A. Doman: Through Tyga. I’ve been workin with him a long time, it’s been over five years now. We’ve made a lot of dope stuff.

DX: What was the inspiration behind the “Senile” beat?
David D.A. Doman: There wasn’t a specific inspiration. I wanted to do something that was hard that had a unique sound.

DX: You have some big names on your production resume. How did you get started? Where are you from?
David D.A. Doman:  I’m from Chicago, originally. I grew up in Rogers Park. I started off playing drums when I was in 4th grade.  In 8th grade, I bought my first piece of equipment, a Roland MC 505 beat box. I kept making beats pretty steadily from there on out but I really got serious with it when I sold the Roland for a MPC my sophomore year of high school. I was making all sample beats then and I really fell in love with making beats.  At that point, I became super dedicated and knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I got my start in the Chicago industry by producing for a bunch of different indie rappers but I really got my break when I started producing for Bump J. I used to go to his condo downtown right after he signed to Atlantic and play him beats.  He liked a lotta my beats. He was huge in Chicago and I remember thinking, “I’m really gonna make it.” The first record that came out that I produced for him was the record where he dissed Twista “Send Him Off”. He murdered that beat and that was the best I had ever heard a rapper go in on one of my tracks. The song had a lot of buzz in Chicago and online.

DX: Who are some of the producers that influence you and why?
David D.A. Doman: My sound has changed a lot over the years from starting off with keyboard beats when I was a kid to doing all sample beats to doing all keyboard beats, this time with a Triton Rack and MPC 2KXL, to using live musicians to now doing a little bit of everything.  So there hasn’t really been a consistent producer that’s influenced me throughout the years, but some of the producers I really respect are the usual suspects, guys who have been able to stay making dope stuff for a lot of their very long careers, like Dre, Kanye, Timbo, etc.

DX: Favorite beat you’ve made to date?
David D.A. Doman: Too hard to choose, I’m really proud of producing the beat and writing the hook on “Do My Dance”  Tyga featuring 2 Chainz, cuz that just went gold. That’s my first Gold record that I produced by myself. I had a number 1 in the UK with JR Rotem that went platinum, but I collabed on that one with him.

DX: Favorite artist to work with and why.
David D.A. Doman: I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a lot of talented people.

DX: What’s one beat you wish you produced?
David D.A. Doman: Good question. I never really think about it like that. I’m not sure what the answer would be to that. Maybe some of Stevie Wonder’s stuff from Innervisions or Talking Book. I wish I was good enough on guitar to have came up with that chord progression/riff on Aaliyah’s “I Don’t Wanna.”

DX: Which projects do you have coming up next?
David D.A. Doman: I produced that Young Money first single, “Senile,” with Tyga, Nicki and Wayne. I produced Tyga’s new single, “Young Kobe”  It’s the MTV Jam of the week this week, coming to iTunes soon.  It’s looking like I’ll have at least a couple on Tyga’s album. I’ve got at least one joint on the Fan Of A Fan 2 album with Tyga and Chris and it will probably have a big feature on it. I have some other stuff in the works too but don’t want to speak on it just yet.