Krayzie Bone kicks off the interview with a powerful reminder, “Practice makes perfect.” Think after many years, the creative process for an artist becomes second nature? “You do something for a long time, you’re gonna eventually master it.” Krayzie Bone thinks so.

In “Behind The Sound,” powered by McIntosh, Bone thugs-n-harmony discusses changing the soundscape of rap with their unique creative process. “Us coming out singing at the time, with rap, that was a big risk cuz it went further than just Hip Hop,” shares Krayzie in the interview. Flesh-N-Bone, Wi$h Bone and Krayzie go back-and-forth reminiscing on how they made music to how they make it today, adding that every play eventually gets a replay. Flesh-N-Bone says, “People got to do they homework when you listening to a Bone Thug track. You play it, you hear it that first time, guess what? You’ll be hitting that rewind button and going back because you want to hear the details.”

Make sure you press play on this episode of “Behind The Sound,” featuring the legendary group, and if you missed anything, feel free to rewind and play again. Krayzie Bone would approve.