The Texas Rap collective known as League of Extraordinary Gz have released a video for their drug dealing anthem “Billie Jean.” They go against the grain of a typical drug dealer music video by showcasing the parallel lifestyles of drug dealers and kids selling lemonade laced with Kool-Aid for extra bucks. Some of the children featured in the video are those of Esbe, a member of LOEGz who passed away from a pulmonary embolism in 2011.

The video is full of visuals of what looks like the perfect Summer vacation. Selling lemonade, eliminating the competition with super-soakers while cruising on a BMX bike, what’s not to like? Although it’s a very friendly video, it does bring light to the fact that the subject matter of the song is very similar to the theme of the video, which is to do what you have to for money. “Billie Jean” was featured on League of Extraordinary Gz’ last album League Shit, released in 2013.