“Almost three years ago, I came out here because I wanted a change of scenery, and all my kids are living out here. I just started to see the culture and see the movement and the power of what was going on in LA. When I decided to launch REVOLT—REVOLT is for the artists/by the artists. REVOLT is for the fans and by the fans that really love music. REVOLT is also for creative people and entrepreneurs and hustlers. When I came out here, I met so many hustlers and entrepreneurs, especially here on Fairfax [Avenue]. Whenever I was here, I would walk around and see the style and swag. I’d ask people what they were listening to, and the culture was truly uncut. This block right here really meant a lot to me because it was young cats that was coming up that was trying to do their own clothing lines. Not trying, but doing their own clothing lines, opening their own stories, creating their own movements, doing the grassroots marketing that it takes to really build a community. That’s what we’re trying to do at REVOLT. I didn’t just come out here just to do an in-store. I came out here because I really wanted to see and meet some of the creative minds here and also just congratulate them and know that they have a place at REVOLT. Whether you’re a graphic designer or you shoot behind the camera or you’re an on-air personality, this is something that we definitely want to represent the right way. If we’re on the West Coast, we wanna represent the West Coast the right way.

I want to shout out all the dreamers and hustlers, too. That’s what my fans are. You have a lot of cats out there that say they’re the greatest rapper in the world. I’m the greatest money-getter in the world. That’s what my fans are made of: Hustlers and cats that’s out there and any youth that’s trying to get it.” — Puff Daddy