HipHopDX got a chance to speak with David May, learn a little more about him below:

Name: David May

From: Walnut, CA… that’s in between West Covina, Pomona, and Diamond Bar.

Inspired by? When I need inspiration I turn to Movies, Spiritual & Drug-related Experiences, and Love. Movies are like music how they can be serious, funny, strange, or feel good… really good films can convey some really powerful messages. But some highly entertaining movies know not to take themselves too serious. Same goes with music… sometimes its just about the turn up, so when I watch flicks I get inspired to recreate the feeling I experience. I don’t even need to explain how drugs can inspire someone. I like to go further and say it’s not the drugs, it’s the experience that follows… the trip. You see things in a different light and that can open up doors in your mind.. if you’re open to it. And of course any time any kind of serious love related experience happens in your life that’s going to reflect in your music whether you intend for it to or not. You can’t hide that passion coming out from behind your walls.

Musical Influences? Eminem (Pre Eminem Show) he was my rap idol at the time, his cadence, his storytelling, the sound effects! Those albums still get rotation; Kid CuDi, especially MOTM. That album came about at such an significant point in my life… huge life transition. I was listening to that coming out of High School trying to figure out what the f*ck I wanted to do. Jaylib was big for me musically, Champion Sound gave me a love for that raw shit and abstract vibes. College Dropout is easily one of my favorite albums ever. I heard that album it changed my thinking, I was more comfortable rapping about what I was really living and not worry about if it’s “hood enough”. Everything oldies! My mom and dad, I’m adopted so they’re a little bit older. I was raised on oldies… no rap until I was in 5th grade. That right there is timeless music.

Mission In Hip Hop? First off, I want to eat off this. That’s every artist’s goal. Beyond that I want to help create a lane for myself and my homies (OSA) and create more of a hip hop supportive community in our area. One of the biggest hurdles is the almost non existent sense of community support hip hop where I live. We have to go to places like LA, OC, IE and win support among the bigger communities… then people around here start to jump on board. I want people to be proud of what we (OSA) do and be proud of where they come from.

What inspired this song? I was in the creative process for Video 94, and I was at a point where I wanted something the average person could relate too. Something in common beyond the weed factor cause that’s all over the EP. That can be difficult to accomplish when your project isn’t necessarily “deep”. It had to be fun, and relatable. It’s funny cause that beat wasn’t a part of the original batch Gunnah had given me to work with. I got an email on the way to get supplies for a studio session and it was the Store Runs beat. I hooked it up to my car stereo and played it right there. The hook was the first thing that came to me and I ran with it. What do a lot of blue collar people enjoy doing after work? Grabbin some brew, and enjoying a blunt or two or three. I used Store Runs to start the project because it sets up the mood the rest of the way. Now it’s time to enjoy YOUR part of the day, you got your supplies, what do you do? You can max out, you can turn up, or you can work on your side hustles for bigger aspirations.

What are you currently working on? Right now I’m working on more videos for Video 94, and I’m always working on new music looking for the next bit of magic to build a new project off.

What’s next? After I move on from Video 94, expect a couple collaborative EP’s I’ve been working on, along with a full length project by the end of the year. I’m aiming high. No pun intended. This whole year to me is about building up to that moment at the end of the year. Next year is trying to build off the foundation I create this year. I’m trying get out of state more any way possible and eat! Can’t forget that an OSA mixtape is on the way!