“This is my first time ever going to a frat house and not getting kicked out. You know what I’m saying?,” says ScHoolboy Q before he stepa out to greet the USC students.

Looking like a scene straight out of the film, Project X, the frat party goes up ten notches when Q surprises the crowd and performs singles off his debut album, Oxymoron. Quincy Hanley, better known as ScHoolboy Q, grew up five minutes away from the University of Southern California campus and now, he’s an invited guest as opposed to the one getting “kicked out” as he previously stated at the beginning of the video. “You can find a Q fan anywhere,” says the TDE member. And that’s a fact. After watching the sea of diversity cheer for an encore, Q can clearly claim the title “Man Of THe Year.”

Oxymoron drops February 25.