With his upcoming album Bittersweet Victory coming soon, Noelz Vedere drops off a new set of visuals for his latest single Bittersweet.

The video for “Bittersweet” captures silhouettes of Noelz rapping with viscous, cephalopod-like liquid smoke rising in the background, juxtaposed with scenes of a beautiful woman frustrated by her self-inflected pressures to be perfect. “It’s like Black Swan,” Noelz explains. “There’s so much pressure for her to be good in other people’s eyes that she can’t even focus on her own comfort.”

Want to know a little more about Noelz, check out his Q&A with HipHopDX below.

Name: Noelz Vedere (pronounced no-elz, vuh-deer). First name is rooted from my actual middle name “Noel”, while Vedere was broken down from Apollo Belvedere who is the greek god of music & poetry.

From: Born and raised in Chicago, IL – Northside/Uptown area to be exact. I experienced and witnessed a lot growing up in the inner city, both good and bad. While having close friends and family coming from various lifestyles, this left me at a solid middle ground to create my own unique story.

Inspired by: My inspiration comes from anything innovative. It’s rare to come across off the wall type creativity these days, so I tend to gravitate towards all different forms of art. It makes me want to get up and build something great that will inspire the next person to do the exact same.

Musical influences: This may sound cliché coming from Chicago, but Kanye is definitely my main influence. Tons of classic Chicago rap in general has been a heavy effect on my craft. Eminem also plays a huge part, as well as Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, and Steve Vai to name a few. They all have triumphant sounding music – I try to bundle up the significant details from their talents to help mold my own sound.

Mission in Hip Hop: The mission I have with Hip Hop is to leave my own positive impact on the world. Of course someday I want to be looked at as one of the greats, and all of the fame and fancy stuff is cool if you choose to move that way, but ultimately I want to be remembered for pushing the limit with timeless music that touches people.