Fresh off the release of her Queen Of HeArtz EP, Raven Sorvino geared up to release her upcoming project Queen Of HeArtz: The Supreme LP. Watch as Sorvino smokes broccoli and burns dollar bills in the semi-animated trap anthem.  

Get to know Raven below:

Name: Raven Sorvino

From: H Town / Leimert Park

Inspired by: Life

Musical Influences: ODB, B.I.G & & Johnny Cash

Mission In Hip Hop: To reign Supreme

What inspired this song? My traplines ringing constantly. Woody was making the beat and my phones wouldn’t stop ringing. Had a customer talk crazy on my main line told em hit me on my trapline!

What are you currently working on? Queen Of HeArtz: The Supreme LP

What’s next? More shows, more minks, more furs.