This gem was produced by known other than Willie B. Who is Willie B you ask? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard Rigamortis by Kendrick Lamar…Black Lip Bastard by Ab-Soul or even Gangsta in Designer (No Concept) by Schoolboy Q right? Yup, all those were produced by Willie B. He’s also done productions for Freddie Gibbs, Childish Gambino, Wale and many more. Willie B changed the game on July 27, 2013, when he released the first ever Instagram only instrumental mixtape via video. This was before the video feature was even introduced to the public, CRAZY!

HipHopDX got a chance to speak with Willie B about his music:

Name: Willie B

What is your mission in Hip Hop? My mission is to just make dope shit. Hip hop or non hip hop.. don’t wanna just put myself in the hip hop box.. Hip hop is my essence.. yes.. but I listen to all facets of music.

Where do you find you inspiration? Honestly.. it comes from anywhere. There’s not a particular place it comes from.. life inspires me.. emotions inspire my records. I try to capture a feeling with my records. Be it a sample or whatever. I want you to feel a way when you listen to my joints.

What was it like working with Chase N. Cashe? Well.. that’s the homie.. we always mutually respected each other’s crafts.. a couple of my favorite songs are produced by my nigga so it’s kinda like water working with a nigga that’s as creative as you if not more. Besides the fact that nigs already know each other on some cracking jokes shit.

Who do you want to work with next? Lil Bibby.. He released the “if you knew” video that was over a beat I put on my beat tape Ichiban: Live From Manhattan. It was kinda crazy cause idk how he got the beat but Imma fan of what the young nigga did to it. I like the marriage of my production and his raps.. it’s crazy. But more importantly.. I’m working with an Artist named Mickey Taelor from the Inland Empire, CA. She’s my favorite artist right now. Any genre. I promise she’s next. She’s the truth.

What’s next for Willie B? Working on a couple of independent eps with a couple of artist that might mess y’all heads up.. very unconventional ish going on this year.. other than that continuing to push the Ichiban Brand along with my family’s brands Forty Ounce Gold Creative Group and Followthescript Multimedia. I also produced the title record for the upcoming ScHoolboy Q album “Oxymoron”.