Brooklyn’s own Pro Era has been methodically churning out talent, including the likes of leader Joey Bada$$ and the late Capital STEEZ. They’re a team that in the midst of “flashier” young crews have remained quietly consistent. The talent speaks for itself. Who’s got next on the team? Well, 20-year-old CJ Fly of course. The BK native got his feet wet this past Summer on the Under The Influence Tour, where fellow NYC collective A$AP Mob appeared alongside Wiz Khalifa. Now, with his solo debut Thee Way Eye See, CJ is ready to show the world what he’s got. Check out his video for Q&A and his profile below:

Name: CJ Fly aka SGT FLYshit bka Master Roshe fka Captain FLY 

From: Bedstuy, Brooklyn

Inspired by: Life & The Universe

Musical influences: Buju Banton, Jay Z, ATCQ

Mission in Hip Hop: I just wanna do what’s yet to be done, make history, one day be of legendary status, and hold up NY for the lyrical Hip Hop it’s known for. 

What are you working on currently? Thee Way Eye See It visuals and Pro Era project Secc$ Tap.E pt2.

What’s next? Few solo Pro Era projects coming and Joey’s album, B4.DA.$$.