Noisey released the second episode of Chiraq the 8-part documentary about “Chiraq’s New Kids.” This section focuses on Chief Keef’s visit to NYC. Keef talks about the “Real Chicago” being a “Gangsta City,” especially the area he is from, the Southside. Light is also shed on DJ Kenn, a Japanese Hip Hop producer who produced most of Chief Keef’s early tracks,  dubbed the “Drill Music Mr. Miyagi.” Because of Keef’s success, a lot of Chicago’s gang members have been trying their hand in the music industry, none being as successful as GBE members.

One of the groups coming out of Chicago is MGS. They discuss with Noisey their lifestyle and why they do what they do. There is a 14-year-old in the mix, “Yung Trell,” who is a rising star in the group. Yung Trell’s manager, Duwop, states that “Chief Keef and his group made history” getting their neighborhood behind them and supporting the movement. Not everyone agree’s with Duwop though, and not all of the kids in Chicago are like Chief Keef. Jo Jo Capone of Global Gangster discusses the gun violence issue that Keef is promoting and that it is real life. Check out the second episode of Noisey‘s series here.

-Jasmine Hardy