Future’s new visuals for his track “How It Was” come from the camera of director Be El Be. The high sped, shaky camera tactics are apropos, considering the track appears on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. It’s straight driving music, and the video plays perfectly with the exhilarating beat. We checked in with Be El Be to discuss working with Future, and his inspirations in film-making.

How did you meet Future? I met him through partner of mines, Propane. He A&R’s a lot of stuff for labels. Pro had showed Future my latest work from Nipsey Hussle’s “More or Less,” and Future immediately booked us out to L.A to film some videos. Although “How It Was” wasn’t the initial video we planned to shoot.

Where did you get the video concept from? Honestly we were just in the studio listening to some of Future’s records. (Even heard the joint he has with Andre 3000! #Dope). So I just decided to grab some in-studio footage of Future and everybody turning up to the music. Looked around for something kind of dope throughout the studio like the mirror shot. So basically just we freestyled, with a bunch of effects I added in post [production]. Gotta be ready to create on the spot with this generation of artists!

Who are your influences? Really didn’t grow up wanting to be a Director, actually came from making beats. But I always admired the work of Hype Williams (Jay Z, Nas, DMX) and Bryan Barber (Outkast).  Those guys really created the image not only for the artists but for album concept. Their work is very inspiring all while being intimidating at the same time!

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