Mobb Deep is dropping a new album in late March, revealed by Havoc, self-titled Mobb. The album is an independent, 2-disc project that features new music as well as unheard cuts from The Infamous album. Havoc spoke about how he wrote for Prodigy from the time of Juvenile Hell until The infamous album until Prodigy himself, “Became a beast.” Reminiscing on the upcoming 20 year anniversary mark of Mobb Deep, Havoc gives some words of wisdom to up and coming artists telling them to “Enjoy every minute, it just goes by so fast.”

Havoc addressed the nude twitter pictures that surfaced last year, explaining that he was hacked by “someone he held in high regard” who was upset with him and decided to leak them on his personal twitter account. Another twitter incident that was addressed in the interview was the accusation of Havoc calling Prodigy gay, to which he responded “He didn’t call Prodigy gay.”  His words of wisdom for listeners was “whenever you got the Henny in your system stay the hell away from computers or social media.”

After speaking about his new drum kit that released January 15th, which features the sounds that he used on The Infamous he addressed how a few artist such as Troy Ave, have that New York flow and that the recreation of a 90’s style is possible. He states that “New York artist need to stick together more, collab more and make it tougher for other artist. They need to stop trying to follow the current sound.”  

Look for Mobb Deep’s new album in late March, as well as future tour dates from the group. Check out the interview below.

-Jasmine Hardy