HipHopDX Premiere: Thorobread has linked up with Bronx up-and-comer Don Q for the new single “Plaga,” which comes from the Toronto rapper’s upcoming EP, Trust Is A Legacy. 

As Thorobread explains to HipHopDX, “The collaboration couldn’t have happened at a better time. When I heard the instrumental I immediately came up with a concept and lyrics on the spot. With that being said, the first feature to come to mind was Don Q. At the time, Don Q happened to be coming to Toronto. We know the same people, I sent him the single, he listened to it right away and got back to us with the verse completed.”

Produced by Trouble Trouble, the track revolves around his everyday life.

“I only rap based solely on facts,” he says. “The inspiration comes from everyday living. Everything within our own environment depending on where in the city you come from. Many people can relate to the lyrics and that’s what my music is for. It’s for the people to enjoy. Music is so much more enjoyable when you can relate to it. You feel it that much more.”

Listen to “Plaga” above.