Sean Price’s death was a major blow to Hip Hop, but it was particularly tough for his Heltah Skeltah cohort Rock. As it turns out, the two never had the chance to settle some of their underlying issues according to Rock’s new song titled “Rockness A.P. (After Price).”

The track is a confessional of sorts as Rock runs down his career, describing how his actions affected Price and the entire Boot Camp Clik. The veteran MC discusses his solo deal with Priority, revealing that Price wanted to continue Heltah Skeltah but Rock’s ambitions got in the way.

“I went straight to Dru-Ha, he was like take it, B/ I was lost/ He was like, ‘The game’s changing, B/ And deals ain’t falling off trees these days, go eat’/ So, I did it/ But looking back, I should’ve stayed with team/ Dru coulda hooked another label with me, maybe,” he raps.

Rock explains how he was the big draw of Boot Camp Clik at the time and feels like he could’ve set the collective up for a better situation if he was still with them back then. Later, he details the tension in the group and blames himself for the beef.

As the story continues, Rock links up with Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal and Interscope Records. But the seemingly better deal turns into another disaster when Eminem starts beefing with Limp Bizkit and Rock’s album gets shelved.

He caps off the song by describing how everything changed when Price died. The late Sean P’s wife, Bernadette, let Rock know about how much his partner-in-rhyme was still hurting from their past split. And now, he’s left with regrets since they never hashed it out before Price passed away.

Listen to “Rockness A.P.” above. Rock’s album of the same name drops on September 22.