Baeza’s drug empire runs into some complications in the music video for his song “Balmain.” Everything is going smoothly for the Fresno rapper and his accomplices until the SWAT team arrives, leading to a wild shootout.

The visuals give this standout cut from Baeza’s latest project, 24, a little more shine. The West Coast rhymer shared some background info on the record with HipHopDX, going into great detail about its creation.

“I was at the studio cooking up beats back to back, not really going for any particular sound when I started the beat for ‘Balmain,'” he told HipHopDX. “I messed around with the baseline until I had a gritty sound that I liked. Once I added the 4-note synth I already knew it was gonna be something fly. I liked the beat; pretty simple and open so I added some subtle strings and called it a night. I came back to the studio next day and threw the beat on after letting my ears rest.

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“This is usually what I do to make sure my ears aren’t fatigued before judging whether I really like the beat or not. I immediately starting writing and the lyrics came to me easily,” he continued. “I let the beat tell me what to write about, and that day it was about confidence, style, and grit. I finished writing the whole record within a few hours and knew it was gonna make the cut for my newly released project, 24.”

Watch Baeza’s “Balmain” video above.