HipHopDX Premiere: Ahead of his forthcoming album How To Fake Your Own Death, Minneapolis-born, Brooklyn-based MC Ecid has offered up a little slice of the project with “Motivationally Speaking,” which also features Doomtree rapper Sims.

Loyal fans of Ecid will see parallels between How To Fake Your Own Death and his 2012 album Werewolf Hologram, which he created in the wake of his good friend and fellow artist Eyedea’s passing. The most noticeable difference is the music, which he attributes to “being in his 30s, being comfortable in his skin, and cultivating the majority of his writing and producing in a solitary space,” according to a press release.

For this album, Ecid’s isolation led to some unhinged musical experimentation and comes with very few guest appearances.

“It’s gotta feel right,” he explained. “I think that’s how I’ve treated everything that I’ve done to this point. I could have made stuff that was more contemporary at certain times, or done a certain style, or milked a certain style that I was doing, but I was always following what my artistic instincts were telling me to do, instead of what my business mind was thinking. It was always based on where that artistic side of my brain was going.”

How To Fake Your Own Death is scheduled for a May 12 release. Listen to the new track above.