Despite The Faze’s recently released Liquid Swords (A Cover Album) managing to catch skeptics off guard, longtime Wu-Tang fans couldn’t help but notice that the GZA’s famed title track was missing from the tribute.

According to the Moreno Valley rapper, there’s a logical explanation for that, as he explains to HipHopDX in light of the premiere of the record that didn’t make the final cut.

“This was actually the beat that kicked everything off the night I heard the Liquid Swords instrumentals,” the self-admitted non-Wu-Tang Clan fan explains. “Right when it came on, I started bobbing my head like ‘WTF is this?’ And that’s when the homie started rapping the hook tripping off the fact I never heard it and proceeded to play more beats off the album. Personally, its one of my favorite verses I did off this project as well as one of my favorite songs on the actual Liquid Swords album. GZA killed it and the hook is flawless. I ended up leaving it off the project because we were having issues with the vocals in the mix which I ended up re-recording but not in time for the release.”

The HipHopDX review of the em>Liquid Swords (A Cover Album) eclipsed the 4.0 mark and praised the LP for its astute storytelling and a wide range of lyrical flows.

Listen to the “Liquid Swords (Lost Freestyle)” up above and click here to stream the full project.