Los Angeles-based upstart Jallal may be a rookie as far as many potential fans ears are concerned but he’s definitely a student of the game.

Having gained the attention of the likes of Diddy and Bad Boy, Lupe Fiasco and even Mos Def, he’s ready to fully embark on an adventurous solo career and HipHopDX is premiering “Imma Dog,” the first taste of his upcoming mixtape, Off the Radar.

“‘Imma Dog’ represents the miscommunication in a relationship. The fine line of when both people in the relationship choose to make assumptions about each other. It’s the epitome of a juxtaposition, expressing the contrast between male and female roles. When personified, a man is referred to as a dog when he hounds after other women and a female as the latter (‘bitch’), when she does the same,” he explains to DX.

As an artist, Jallal writes, sings and raps and he easily compiles his thoughts to give the record’s inspiration base.

“The fast roller-coaster of life that this generation is on. Swipe left or swipe right, put on a quick filter and then you become the center of attention. I wanted people to break away from the filters and be unfiltered. I am not a dog. No one is. That’s just a label that people give you when they are quick to assume the real issue at hand. When they need to know the full story before pointing fingers that quickly. Hence, “You say ‘Imma Dog’ like you mean that shit’.”

Listen to “Imma Dog” up above and follow him on Soundcloud @jallal.