Tri-State area MC Ran Reed goes in on wack rappers on his latest single, “Pathetic M.C.’s,” with help from veteran Long Island MC Bumpy Knuckles, who obviously shares the same sentiments. Overflowing with tough guy bravado, the song is packed with lines like,“Rappers ain’t rappin’ no more, they straight mumblin’/ Give them a year, their career start crumblin’” as the infectious’90s throwback beat moves along.

Reed, who produced the single, was inspired by the Ultramagnetic MC’s classic “Ego Trippin’” and hails from his forthcoming album, Still Commanding Respect. In addition to Knuckles, the album also features O.Gs like Kool G Rap, M.O.P., Sadat X, and U.G., and is expected on Friday (January 13). Listen to a taste of it above.