HipHopDX Premiere: With its unrelenting bass thumping beat, M-Dot‘s new track for “Days Are All The Same” finds celebrated producer Hi-Tek behind the soundboard, knocking out a sonically aggressive banger. As the follow-up to the previously released “Dreamscape,” the track is taken from the Boston-based MC’s forthcoming album, EgO anD The EneMy, which is scheduled for a January 27 release, and features additional production by notable purveyors of the culture such as Large Professor, Marley Marl, Khrysis, Buckwild, and 7L. As the EMS crew frontman says, “Real Hip Hop is alive and well.” Check out the song above and lyrics below.

Same life, Same wife/u got the same job/
6,6,6, written on you’re name card/
Everyday u wake up & u Thank God….
“The Days are all the same”

U a number you a Slave in this rat race, Say u got it rough & you’re in a bad place/
Had to have those Nike’s tho with the fat lace, corporate America eating off you’re fat face/
It’s repeated, from sun up to sun down, they got u on a hamster wheel, go head run now/
Go ahead get that gun now/
License to carry, barrel hold’s 1 round/
It’s sad, its sick,
They tell u what to get,
GNC commercials say you’re belly needs to rip/
you ain’t up to date…
You’re celly is a 6/
And There’s not enough likes on you’re selfies in you’re pics’/
Nothings good enough, u need to have you’re gear ILL,
They chuckle, they laugh, they point and they stare still/
You’re depressed & them pills help the stress..
Nevertheless, hate builds in you’re flesh
“The Days are all the same”

You’re girl left u, she’s looking now to cake-up/ sex and the city told her go head ‘trade up’/
Designer eye liner
Kim K makeup
Breast augmented, no more A-cup/
It’s what we want it’s what we need, it’s what we have to have/
The revelations’ HAPPENED
This is now the aftermath/
U say we living??
I say we live in our phones
It… shivers my bones
To know we living as drones/
Chicks regurgitating thinking they’ll look right, dudes increase the murder late try to live that hood life/
It’s all the same, each day starts with pain, they need us divided till that gun shell parts our brain/
Kids depressed cuz he got no love on snap chat/
His moms depressed cuz her tinder don’t chat back/
Each days recycled, a pattern that we keep, all that matters is the moment nothing matters in a week!! Cuz..
“The Days are all the same”/

My homie told me that his boss keeps FUCKING wit em,
He’s gone show up at his crib start BUCKING at em,
Leave him in field, crows now PLUCKING at em/
Just another day, rise & shine,
what started as habit
Then became a pattern
Got us living like where robots as we walk amongst the labyrinth
I’ve had it, we seem distant
It’s tragic, where deemed privileged,
The fact is, we been rotten before Adam and even bit it….

‘We trapped in the maze
Nights turn to days…
They got u brain washed
Work u can’t take off…
They want u buying what they selling and supplying..
As the day is ending
Feeling like the days are blending’