Actor Shia LaBeouf, who apparently has an endless supply of bars, sent a surprise to radio personality Big Boy at REAL 92.3 in Los Angeles and it was yet another diss track aimed at Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy.

This all started after LaBeouf went viral on a “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle, then followed it up with a diss that Yachty was clearly not sweating, saying, “Like I said I’m blessed bro. My bank account still large, though. I still got my fans, my house, my mother still has her crib and we still got our cars. I’m blessed. I could never be upset. I’m having fun.”

LaBeouf’s second diss track was directed at more than just Yachty. It took aim at Peter Rosenberg (who dissed him on Hot 97), Drake and Soulja Boy. Once Soulja got wind of it, he didn’t take it so lightly and threatened him over the bars.

“Shia, you a bitch ass nigga, you could never come to Atlanta, you could never come to the streets in the hood,” he said. “You could never live my life, you need to stick to acting, real shit nigga. This rap shit ain’t for you nigga, for real have some nigga pull up on you, fuck Shia LaBeouf nigga, fuck you talking about keep my name out your mouth, you don’t want no beef, on my mama. You better stick to acting nigga cause this shit get real.”

Check out what LaBeouf says in what he calls his “last one” above.