HipHopDX Premiere: With production from Slimkat, Chase Allen‘s new track “Lost Souls” finds the Philly native examining the vacuous nature of American society.

“With all that is in the media and warped into the educational systems, by the time most of us realize we are lost, it’s too late because we are already programmed to believe a certain story,” Allen tells DX. “[There’s] no guidance, [they’re] mentally and spiritually homeless, and lack knowledge of self…a lost soul.  That’s what this song is.”

Allen‘s honest and introspective lyrics stem from his complicated experience growing up in a fatherless home in the underbelly of West Philly, but somehow he’s harnessed a unique gift for uplifting and inspiring those around him.

His path was carved out for him early on. The summer before Allen was set to go to college on a football scholarship, he shattered his ankle in a devastating automobile accident. Already reveled as the “King” for his catchy bars and punchlines during lunchroom battles in high school, he used his time on bedrest to sharpen his craft, writing multiple mixtapes at a time.

Once fully recovered, Chase began recording and touring with childhood friend K Smith (Will Smith’s nephew) as his hype man, performing around the country. Now based in Los Angeles, Allen’s forthcoming debut album Far From Home chronicles his cross-country move and by all accounts is a true labor of love. Chase takes a trip back East on December 17 for a hometown show in support of the release. Check out the track above.