According to Hip Hop duo The Black Opera, many Black Americans are unaware of the country their lineage stems from or any traditions of their ancestors. At the same time, many Black Americans don’t feel safe walking or driving the streets of America, which has served as an influence for The Black Opera’s latest offering, African America.

The Black Opera’s creative collective has roots from Nigeria, Uganda, Madagascar, France, and the U. S. The two co-founding members, Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend, are Michigan natives (Ann Arbor and Detroit, respectively).

Snoop Dogg selected TBO’s evocative video “Villains” as number one on his video countdown show Underground Heat, while Tajai Massey of Souls of Mischief said in a press release, “If you haven’t heard or seen TBO perform, you need to slap yourself. Literally my favorite group in Hip Hop right now.”

Listen to Africa America above to determine what all the hype is about and purchase it here.