KXNG Crooked‘s “Welcome To Planet X” sums up the concept of his forthcoming album, Good Vs. Evil. With the inimitable lyrical prowess of Detroit legend Eminem, the track touches on social class, the current political climate and the Flint, Michigan water crisis in a way that makes the listener want to stand up and fight for what’s right.

“Eminem provides commentary that lets you know you’re being exposed to a world different than your own” Crooked told Billboard. “Similarities like environmental racism, police brutality, extreme poverty, crooked cops and politicians exist, but in this alternate reality the lower class citizens use violence to fight back at all times. So if you’re the governor of Michigan and the people of Flint blame you for its water crisis, they’ll come for your head! I love this record because it touches on topics like the destruction of the middle class, the plight of poor people and it has the presence of my superstar homie Eminem, which forces people to pay attention to the issues the song tackles. Thanks Em!”

Good Vs. Evil is scheduled for a November 11 release.