The legendary MC Eiht has blazed through with “Runn The Blocc,” the first single from his forthcoming album, Which Way Iz West, which is executive produced by DJ Premier and Eiht. The album is a joint venture between Preemo‘s Year Round Records and Eiht’s Blue Stamp Records. “Runn The Blocc” features MayLAy and details everyday street life in a way that brings the story to life. 

MC Eiht started making a name for himself in the late ’80s growing up on the rough streets of Compton. As a member of Compton’s Most Wanted, he eventually attracted the attention of Menace II Society directors Allen and Albert Hughes, who gave Eiht a role in the 1993 classic film, as well as a song on the soundtrack. Titled “Streiht Up Menace,” the track served as a plot summary for the film and depicted what life was like growing up in the inner city, and helped solidify his OG status. Revisit the track below.