A comfortably wealthy Jay Z has been pretty reflective as of late; as he was recently tapped by the New York Times to lambast the War on Drugs that advertently targeted people of color, namely people of color.

That being said, a young Shawn Carter was once a product of his 1980s Brooklyn environment where he had aspirations of never being devoid of a dollar whether it was selling drugs or CDs. His 1996 classic debut, Reasonable Doubt was a culmination of his interactions in the street’s criminal underworld but before he commanded respect with his own mic presence, he was a fan of several of the legends who preceded him in rhyme.

In an impromptu TIDAL release, Jay Z has created his own personal rap soundtrack to his past life that boasts of 35 records every true Hip Hop fan should be able to name upon its opening bassline.



If you can’t, this is your time to get a free education from the School of the Hard Knocks. The “Brick Phone” playlist features legendary tracks from the likes of Eric B. and Rakim, UGK, Stetasonic, both Ices, Public Enemy and many more.