“Whatcha know I’m out the 214.” One of many dope lines from Femcee BSmooth on her latest record “New Flava” featuring her DJ, Miss DJ KoKo Brown. The song is inspired by a timeless Hip Hop classic while bringing a new mills album edge to the vibe. The song and vibe match the name of the artist with its smooth melody and to the beat scratch. The musical arrangement is handled by Derric “Big Dank King” and legendary “Goodie” Whitfield. It’s hard to not be impressed by these young female artists’ knowledge of Hip Hop history. “New Flava” is the first of many songs off her upcoming album entitled New Flava City, due at the end of September. In the meantime, the single is available on Apple Music and Tidal.

BSmooth is an upcoming artist out of Dallas, Texas, which shows in her Southern accent. Her sound is reminiscent of Kim and Foxy late 90’s and creativity of that of Missy and hometown hero Ms.Badu. Though she seems young this 23-year-old with Highland Hill Records brings her energetic style, laidback flow, and contagious rhyme pattern.

DJ KoKo Brown is an upcoming DJ from the same city. With mentorship from DJ ASAP, she is promising to become one of the top female DJs in the Dallas area next to DJ Duffy. Her chocolate complexion makes your love for black women grow stronger when you hear the dope mixes she brings together.

The two together bring a vibe of JJ Fad, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Fresh Prince with Eric B and Rakim. The sound is a breath of fresh air in an era filled with trap music. Look out for more music from this hot rising duo coming soon.