Though Berkeley MCCaleborate is only 23, he displays the poise and wisdom of a rap veteran on “Made Me,” reflecting on growing up in poverty and stunting on rappers more interested in their social media pages than giving their families a better life. “Made Me” is a table-setter for 1993, Caleborate’s forthcoming second studio album, releasing August 29. Featuring production from P-Lo, Mikos Da Gawd, HBK’s Kuya Beats, Cal-A, and Julia Lewis, the project represents a step forward for Caleborate.

“I made this record because it needed to be heard,” Caleborate explained. “A lot of the things I said in this record are meant to spark a thought in someone’s mind. I remember the night I wrote it, I was coming from the studio and thinking I was out of inspiration, I hopped on the Bart train and inadvertently started people-watching. I had an interesting thought when looking at one dude. I just started thinking about the place we’re in as people, as black males… All that… It just got me writing instantly. And out came this song.”