When we last saw Larry June, he was doing “Laundry” with Asher Roth and Michael Christmas. Now, the Hunter’s Point/San Francisco rapper and Whole Foods advocate continues to showcase a range beyond surface level trap, while promoting healthy living on his Orange Season project.

Produced by Cookin Soul (credits: YG, Nipsey Hussle), Larry June’s Orange Season features G-Eazy and Chuck Inglish. Orange Season follows recent collaborations featuring Larry June on projects by fellow risers Post Malone and Cousin Stizz.

“If you wanna have a picnic, see a few chicks, have a beer, it’s some perfect day player shit,” Larry June says of the project. “It’s all vibes, I don’t really get too deep, but I feel with music you gotta move the people. When I hear music, I wanna hear what makes me feel the best. You gon put this tape on and when you get done you’re gonna feel like a player.”