KnowMads releases a new track titled “101 (The Good Stuff).” This comes right before their nostalgic Hip Hop opus Knew School, slated to be released on July 15. Their grassroots Hip Hop falls somewhere between Atmosphere and D12. The record is chalk-full of picture perfect flows and dynamic beats with producer Peter Lee Johnson of Atlantic Records at the helm. KnowMads have opened for Macklemore and Chance The Rapper, as well as rocked slots at major music festivals such as Bumbershoot and Sasquatch.
“Wilson and I spent the past year creating Knew School and the past decade living the stories that inspired it. 101 (The Good Stuff) is a feel-good song about the two of us heading down to Los Angeles on a leap of faith, looking for success and recognition in the music industry after over ten years of vital, undaunted creativity.” -Pepe (KnowMads)