Rapper Jay IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) unveils two bold energetic new singles, “Mentality” and “Somebody.” Set to release on vinyl as well, the tracks function as the A-side and B-side of a single record. The double-release is in anticipation of his upcoming project, aimed to propel Jay IDK to the upper echelon of modern Hip Hop royalty in the coming months.

“Mentality,” Jay IDK’s trap-inspired anthem on the A-side of the record, features aggressive verses about the realities of money and arrogance in the rap game over a hard-hitting beat. Jay IDK discusses his changing views on wealth, his peers and, his own uncertainty. Jay IDK states, “I’ll take you where you wanna, if I don’t f*ck it up,” symbolizing the pressures that come with acquiring money as an up-and-coming rapper.

For the B-side of the record, Jay IDK discusses his poise and determination to succeed as an artist through cleverly constructed quotables. With an upbeat, funky instrumental that features a saxophone solo, “Somebody” delivers an inspirational and confident hook with the tagline: “Know you’ll be somebody even when there is a future you can’t see.”