Raven Sorvino unites with songstress Mélat as we find the ladies ridin’ clean on a Texas vibe with “96 Fleetwood,” her latest Pretty Pink EP drop. As we await the arrival of the project, bump the latest cut below.

Raven shared:

 WoodysProduce told me about Mélat a year or so ago. He did a remix with her and thought it would be a great idea if we worked together. He sent me this beat and I had the concept of this player memory when I was a kid, of my father driving Cadillacs through Texas. He’d wear suits and gold and a Rolex. So I titled it 96 Fleetwood. It’s dope because it’s a different zone for Mélat and myself in terms of production. Two boss chicks from Texas not taking no shit and we want them gold medals not rose pedals!!