Opening with commentary from transpersonal psychologist Stanislav Grof, “Psych Ward” is a journey through the mind of Hieroglyphics rapper Opio as psychedelics take him on a stream of consciousness that runs from social and political issues to paranoia. “I often feel that people try to find solutions for problems by looking outward instead of looking inward,” Opio explains. “I feel that self-exploration and self-realization are powerful tools to navigating the complexities of life.”
“This track was originally made for an anonymous Psychedelic project I’ve been working on, but on a whim I thought it might be dope if Opio flipped it instead,” producer and L.A. beat scene vet Free the Robots adds. “It worked, and turned out to be one of my favorite tracks; something that completely stands out on the album, and hip-hop in general.” Opio and Free the Robots recorded the bulk of their Sempervirens album in a small town in the middle of a redwood grove called Cazadero. Named after the “Sequoia Sempervirens,” which is the scientific name for the giant redwood tree, the album is slated to release on September 18th.