It’s expected that Homeboy Sandman always arrives with a style a little to the left and a perspective that’s usually uplifting. He’s opinionated. His rhymes are poignant. And at this point in his nearly a decade long career, his perspective is vast. HipHopDX reached out to him for the backstory to his latest Stones Throw Records release “Arrows.” Here’s what he told us:

“I got this other line, ‘these cats, they talk about rappers more than they talk about rap’ which has been something going on a lot lately: cats looking to have a discussion with me about rappers that have nothing to do with their rapping. So i said, ‘lemme put a cut out where the bars won’t be able to help but be the topic of conversation. I do stuff about america and walking and breakups all types of x,y,z and them shits is all bar hysteria. But given they’re based on a topic, the topic often wins out, which I like. But for this one, I named some cats early on to make the point that me, when I talk about rappers, it’s ’cause I’m talking about rap. I’m talking about who’s nice wit it, kid. And then the cut is a showcase of exactly what it is I’m talking about. And the truth is, I know I’m not like everybody. For people that like to talk about rappers without talking about rap, there’s nothing else to this song. No controversy. No moral of the story. Not going to give them very much to talk about. But for people that want some rap to talk about, some fuckin’ ‘Oh shit did you hear what this cat just said,’ this shit is a feast.”

Mission accomplished, Boy Sand. Mission Accomplished.