In the Fall of 2014 Reggie Bonds is working with a hand full of National artist and is set to performed at A3C in ATL on October 11. He is prepping to release his first single for his next project Menace II Society. The track entitled “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” is assisted by national act Mick Jenkins who Bonds praises as one of the few up and coming artist he looks up to and think they both have a story that needs to be told and heard by the masses. Bonds thinks Jenkins was the perfect feature for this track because of the grimy attitude and deliver they both come with and topics they discuss, Reggie being from Milwaukee, WI and Mick being a neighbor not to far away from Chicago, IL they both know at this day in time their cities are not currently known for the hip-hop based conscious rap they both possess. But they know in due time with there respectable music groups Free Nation and REBEL Nxtion they are looking to change that very soon.