There is something about the 4th of July that makes me want to listen to Old School Hip Hop. I work constantly and hear so much music on a daily basis, so when the holiday comes around, all I want to do is relax and reminisce on the Hip Hop I grew up on. I orchestrated a list on Memorial Day that focused on ’90s Hip Hop Tracks For A BBQ, and it seemed to be a topic a lot of people enjoyed. While having a discussion with a friend (who is a Hip Hop connoisseur), he mentioned a few joints that would have been dope for the list.

After further discussion (and debating), we came up with a few of our favorites that we enjoy listening to, especially when we are relaxing and grilling. Shout out to Rob Schwartz of (WHO?MAG/iFame TV) for the in-depth discussion and knowledge over the years.

At the end of the day, that is what Hip Hop culture is about. Sharing knowledge, wisdom, memories and of course, your favorite songs and verses.

Am I wrong?

Have a great 4th of July. Don’t drink and play with fireworks!

MC Serch f. Nas, Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone – “Back To The Grill”

Favorite Verse: MC Serch – “Cause I saw you eating pig knuckles, with Frankie Knuckles, in a bar called Chuckles wearing name plate belt buckles / Goddamn your life is flimsy”

Crooklyn Dodgers (Special Ed, Masta Ace & Buckshot) – “Crooklyn”

Favorite Verse: Masta Ace – “And just think about the steel in your fist It’s just an extension of your arm, it’s that ghetto type of charm that makes all the homeboys swarm”

3rd Bass f. Chubb Rock – “Kick ‘Em In The Grill”

Favorite Verse: Chubb Rock – “Chubb is not conceited, I’m convinced of the fact Vanilla sold seven million copies of some shit that was wack / He can wrap, his lips around a big black cock / He needs no more pressed, let me stop”

Soul Of Mischief – “93 Til infinity”

Favorite Verse: Opio – “Dial the seven digits, call up Bridgette / Her man’s a midget; plus she got friends, yo, I can dig it / Here’s a forty, swig it / Y’know it’s frigid / I got ’em chillin in the cooler, break out the ruler / Damn! That’s the fattest stog’ I ever seen / The weather’s heat in Cali; gettin weeded makes it feel like Maui / Now we feel the good vibrations / So many females, so mu much inspiration”

Main Source f. Nas –  “Live At The Barbeque”

Favorite Verse: Nas – “Verbal assassin, my architect pleases / When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus / Nasty Nas is a rebel to America / Police murderer, I’m causin hysteria”

Crooklyn Dodgers – “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers”

Favorite Verse: Jeru The Damaja – “Listen, ’cause for your mind I got the right nutrition / We keeps shit hard like fat asses and cases of Heineken / Here in Brooklyn, home of the warrior and villain / Trife type chicks, Top Billin’s the anthem / Rastas smoke marijuana / Enterprising businessmen shoot dice on the corner / Excuse me while I light my spliff, but some choose to sip / So bullets hit brains, when bottles hit lips”

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