Dreezy is one of the rising female stars out of the Chiraq drill movement, a growing list that includes frequent collaborators Sasha Go Hard and “Drillary Clinton” aka Katie Got Bandz. Her newest mixtape, Schizo, was released on February 25th and contains thirteen tracks, all of which were produced by the talented D. Brooks Exclusive. The tape relies on only a few features, with most of the songs seeing Dreezy go at it alone. One of the more note-worthy tracks based on fan reception has been “Heard It All,” on which Dreezy deals with relationship (or lack-thereof) struggles.

Speaking with HipHopDX, she explained: “All my songs are real life situations, and that’s basically a song for females that have talked to a dude for a long time and he’s still not ready to get in that relationship, he’s still trying to be single. But it’s like you already know what it is.”

The rapstress continued, detailing how a specific incident translated to work in the studio: “I was going through that situation with a boy, and I was talking to him for like, months, and I don’t know, he just never wanted to be in a relationship. I would drop hints and he was never with it. I’m like, ‘I bet it’s a lot of females that relate to this.’ We were in the studio one day, D. Brooks was making a beat, and I just came up with it, it was hot.” Dreezy‘s mixtape is available for free download on Datpiff.